US Market

US Market

With commercial and regulatory

teams composed of pharmaceutical industry veterans with decades of experience, Amerigen is the perfect partner for projects based in the US market:

Amerigen sources its API’s externally, and we’re eager to explore opportunities to work with API manufacturers across the globe, especially those who may have developed API’s that are difficult to source or with unique intellectual property positions. In these situations, we’re open to exclusive deals with profit-sharing arrangements.

Co-development & Licensing
Amerigen is always seeking opportunities to partner with companies that have developed complex oral formulations to the proof-of-concept stage or beyond. With our technical, clinical, regulatory, commercial and financial support we can help bring your development through the ANDA approval process and onto the US market. We are flexible and willing to consider a wide range of business models for our mutual benefit.

Product Acquisition
Amerigen is actively pursuing opportunities to acquire ANDA’s, niche branded products, or branded products at the end of their life cycles.

Marketing & Selling
Amerigen can be a sales and marketing partner for your ANDA or Authorized Generic in the US market. We work with you to deal with legal, regulatory, medical, and commercial matters through our US operations. In addition, we can offer flexible deal structures to meet your needs. Amerigen can also help you select and evaluate potential product candidates for the US market that we would market and sell upon FDA approval.